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Gay Harem Game 🌈 is the largest, most active gay hentai sex game online with a horny, passionate and dedicated community! A crazy universe full of horny hunks gone wild for sex! Create your own harem of sexy guys and defeat opponents in thrilling sexual contests.

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In Gay Harem Game, you’ll play a real multiplayer RPG with tons of uncensored interactive gay sex. Explore a universe of hot men, recruit them in your team, grow your harem, and build up your hero to defeat other players in strategic battles!

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Gay Harem is a multiplayer online game full of adventurous, exciting characters, tons of gay hentai parodies and naughty gameplay.

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What do you need to know about Gay Harem?

Gay Harem has parody element of video games, anime, manga and other pop-culture references. The Adventure section of the game will keep you entertained for hours!

Gay Harem Game starts in Begin City

The journey starts in Begin City and each world provides you different content and a lot of hot hunks to be collected. The main purpose of the game is to attract hot guys into your harem. This can be done by battling world bosses, doing events and activities or by battling other players. Your journey in “Adventure” will be full of fun and new experiences.

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Gay Harem Status Page

Take a look at your vital game stats!

Gay Harem Status Page

Here are some insights of the importance of your Harem:

  • Once a guy enters your harem you need to take good care of him. Give him presents and books and in return he will grant you with special intimate gay sex.
  • The more you give to him, the more he pays back to you!
  • You can customize how your characters look and act.

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Where to buy things for your lovers? The Gay Harem “Market” 😀

Buy your lovers things from the Gay Harem Market

Choose amongst the various equipment items in the shop. Each of them has certain number of attributes. You also want to be the best in “Battles” so don’t forget that a stronger booster can put any opponent down in a second!

Gay Harem PvP Battles

Gay Harem Game PvP battles against other players

Guarantee your own position in the “Tower of Fame”, win gay sex experiences, cash and valuable items! All uncensored gameplay!

Gay Harem game is updated with new events every week. From boss battles, side quests, stories and different activities Gay Harem is the biggest online gay sex game.

Win Gay Harem rewards

Daily Missions, Contests and Gay Fun!

Under the “Daily Missions” tab, you find daily missions that will give you XP and gifts. Use them to skill up. In Contests you can prove your gaming skills by completing the objectives. Gay Harem is updated weekly 🙂

Gay Harem Clubs

Create your own club. Socialize with other players, and chat with fellow adventurers.

Gay Harem game clubs and sex chat

The clubs are a big part of the community in Gay Harem game. In your club you can discuss strategies with your clubmates, have boss battles as a team and even compete against other clubs.

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